While Victor Wembanyama covered many topics during the NBA's All-Star break, his biggest headline probably came with how much he gushed over the San Antonio Spurs. But, he also countered one of the franchise's tried and true mantras.

“About not skipping steps, I've been told never to skip steps my whole life but it didn't stop me from running up the stairs,” the generational prospect said of an adage Hall of Fame Coach Gregg Popovich often repeats.

“Of course, it's something I want to be a part of in the future because, for now, I'm just a student of this league. I want to know how everything works but, of course, it's something I want to be highly involved in in the future.”

What Victor Wembanyama sees ahead

San Antonio Spurs center Victor Wembanyama (1) watches his shot during the skills challenge during NBA All Star Saturday Night at Lucas Oil Stadium.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With his play through a spectacular rookie season to this point, the 20-year-old Spurs phenom has actually managed to raise a bar that was already impossibly sky high.

“The expectations depend on who (has them). From my coaches and my teammates, the rise of expectations have been going on all season and there's no reason that that changes,” Wemby continued. “It's something I hope will continues as well with the years coming because we want to be in the playoffs soon and then we want to win. It's something anyone has to manage in their career.”

The top overall pick in this past summer's draft is averaging 20.5 points, 10 rebounds and an NBA leading 3.2 blocks per game in the 49 contests his NBA career has spanned. Through it all, Wembanyama has also famously looked after his 7-foot-4 frame.

“With how everything's getting better with knowledge of the body, treatment and stuff like this, I think you're going to see more and more of those,” the Spurs standout said of long NBA careers.

“Taking care of my body has long been one of my most important thoughts, even for long term. Only the future will tell how the health is going to be but what's sure is I'm trying to have no regrets about how I treat my body.”

Among the many ways in which he prioritizes his health, Wemby has said he goes to bed by 9:00 pm on non game nights.

Nods to the past

Wembanyama's start to his NBA career with the Spurs has peaked the imaginations of basketball fans and historians. Over the weekend, the unique big man talked about a fellow giant of the game.

“To me, he's kind of like a mutant,” Wembanayama said of Wilt Chamberlain. “He's ahead of his time and just so different. He made the game so different from what it was. I would like to look like him sometimes because he was so special. And, of course, that's not even talking about the statistical facts. He was just incredible.”

Another hoops legend – or in this case, legends – crossed Wemby's radar. It turns out the NBA novice was also a novice to the film, Hoosiers.

“I just discovered the movie actually. I barely know about it. I don't even think there's similarities between the coach [Norman Dale] and Popovich, but it was funny.”

Whether like Chamberlain and Hoosiers, Victor Wembanyama ends up in basketball lore is what remains to be seen. He's off to a great start.