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Rumor: Dwyane Wade believes Kawhi Leonard will be traded to the Celtics

Kawhi Leonard

Dwyane Wade concurred with a previous rumor of a potential Kawhi Leonard trade this summer, given that the San Antonio Spurs have had a clear divide with their star forward and his camp on his return from a quad injury.

A previous talk revealed that the Boston Celtics would have the best assets to offer the Spurs, the likes of Jayson Tatum — a young, athletic wing, with upside of a 25-points-per-game scorer, according to Chris Mannix of Yahoo! Sports.

In today’s postseason morning show, another Yahoo! Sports voice revealed that Miami Heat icon Dwyane Wade agreed with the rumor of Leonard wounding up in Boston.

“That was really surprising,” said Yahoo! Sports NBA Insider Jordan Schultz, a guest of The Dan Patrick Show. “I think [Wade’s] thought process was probably like ours — something is really wrong there, it’s so toxic and severed there between front office and Kawhi Leonard that it might be at a point of no return.”

Schultz talked about the Spurs perhaps being the wrong franchise for the potential superstar that he could be — and while he lacks the charisma of a Kobe Bryant or a Michael Jordan, that he should be taking opportunities to appear in profiles and put his persona out there to be embraced, instead of remaining a relatively meek guy that is part of an organization.

Leonard, due to his quiet demeanor, has remained in the shadows for most of the season — and without any words from him assuring any different, it’s hard to say the Spurs aren’t at least thinking about moving on from him.