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Square Enix is taking down old Final Fantasy games on Steam

Square Enix is taking down old Final Fantasy games on Steam

To make room for the new Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, Square Enix has pulled out the old remasters of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI on Steam.

Both of the older remasters for FF5 and FF6 were not particularly well-received, with most criticism being levied at the pixel art. The negative response even prompted the modding community to try their hand at “fixing” these ports themselves. It looks like Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster might be Square Enix’s response to these criticisms.

Square Enix teased Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster at E3 earlier this year. It is set to be the definitive 2D remasters for the first six games in the series. Square Enix stated it aims to “perfectly capture the spirit of those original games,” in an official press release.

Currently, the Steam pages for both games show a planned release date of 2021. Both games are also already available for pre-order through the Final Fantasy I-VI Bundle.

However, Square Enix will not take down the 3D Remakes for Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV from the Steam storefront. People planning to play these will still have the option to play those versions.

It’s looking to be a busy year for the Final Fantasy franchise. The Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade DLC recently released. Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster is coming soon. Final Fantasy XIV Online is releasing a new expansion in November. All of that, and fans are already expectant for the next entry in the storied franchise, Final Fantasy XVI.