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Stance releases a new line of Allen Iverson-inspired socks

What players wear on their feet has been important to fans for decades now. There have been all kinds of designs put together as part of various players’ signature brands; only recently has this extended to socks.

NBA shoes are being designed with a low-top more often than ever before in modern basketball, which means that almost every players’ socks are visible.

Stance Hoops, a company known as the NBA’s official supplier for on-court socks, have a wide range of special socks for players and fans. They sell team-branded pairs and specially dedicated socks featuring images of players.

Stance has now released a collection of Allen Iverson-inspired socks, and fans of the basketball legend will be excited.

The designs appear to be influenced by Iverson’s career with the Philadelphia 76ers and his affiliation with Team USA.

The Answer’s most famous endorsement in his career was with Reebok. The Hall Of Fame point guard had a lucrative deal with the clothing company, releasing numerous shoes in his name such as the Reebok Question, Reebok Answer I, and Reebok Answer V.

While Stance can’t promise that you will develop AI’s lighting quick first step and his incredibly durability by wearing these socks, they can provide you with some original designs.

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