Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be released finally after its delay back then and fans are wondering if there is a New Game Plus. Naturally, we'd love to give you the answer to that question and in this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guide, we'll let you know if there is one and what New Game Plus mode means (because honestly, we think not everyone knows what this is all about).

What is New Game Plus?

For those that do not know, the New Game Plus feature is a game mode that lets you go through the game for another go. In this mode, there are some limitations to what can be carried over from the previous game as you wouldn't want to break the balance of the game and its harder difficulty configuration. With these parameters set, you are made to play the game all over again from the beginning but in a harder mode. Some games love to have this feature since you can unlock other storylines or have a better understanding of the game even better. There are some games that let you keep the powers, equipment, and other in-game essentials you have stacked while others just let you run back to scratch with only your memory to help you defeat the game.

The burning question – Is there a New Game Plus?

As of the time of writing, unfortunately, there is no New Game Plus Mode in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor since there are no official announcements yet from the developers. But don't fear, there is always that possibility that it happens since we'll only be getting the game out on April 28, 2023.

Dexerto had an interview with the game director of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Stig Asmussen, and when it came to the different features that can be found in the game, Asmussen had neither a confirmation nor denial of the fact if there would be a New Game Plus Mode. When asked, he said, “The only thing I'll say is we understand that players want more.” This gives us a vague answer that there might be a New Game Plus in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor but since there was one in the previous game, Fallen Order, we should still take it with a grain of salt.

If there will be one, how do you unlock New Game Plus?

Even with little to no information or confirmation if the game will be having this, we can still look at this feature from the previous game. There you can activate the New Game Plus by loading the save game you have completed. In Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order's New Game Plus, you will get to keep a few things from the previous playthrough which includes some of the cosmetic items, but definitely not your Jedi powers that you have worked on to make better. This limit is placed to keep the game's challenge intact without having to damage the experience. Being able to access leveled-up powers in the game will make it a little too easy for you to accomplish the game making it really unnecessary to even play it again even with a harder configuration.

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