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Did the Eagles make a secret run at JuJu Smith-Schuster before he joined the Steelers?

Steelers, JuJu Smith-Schuster

JuJu Smith-Schuster had multiple offers before landing back with the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was expected, as Smith-Schuster was in the top tier of available wide receivers on the free-agent market. What might come as a surprise though, is that JuJu apparently took less money to go back with the Steelers. At least that’s what Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport are reporting.

It’s interesting to see the Philadelphia Eagles in this mix. The vibes coming from Philadelphia this offseason have screamed of a rebuild after they let go of Doug Pederson, traded Carson Wentz, and very likely will trade Zach Ertz as well. To see that they were in the mix for JuJu signals it might not be a full-on rebuild for the Eagles. Even so, JuJu still went back to Pittsburgh. Schefter’s tweet piggybacks off of Rapoport’s early report but another team offered more money than the Steelers.

It’s admirable for Smith-Schuster to take less money to go back to Pittsburgh. And as Schefter noted, it’s where he wanted to be all along as he loves the city and the fans too much.

While Ben Roethlisberger is coming back for 2021, it’s worth pointing out JuJu’s deal is only for one year. This could be a last ride for the two together as Pittsburgh Steelers.

Smith-Schuster is coming off a very productive year which saw him reel in 97 catches for 831 yards and 9 touchdowns. Getting him back in Pittsburgh is a win-win as they bring back their top dog at the position and get him on the team-friendly deal.