Steelers news: Mason Rudolph won't take legal action against Browns, Myles Garrett
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Report: Steelers QB Mason Rudolph won’t take legal action against Browns, Myles Garrett

Steelers, Browns, Mason Rudolph, Myles Garrett

The repercussions for the scuffle that happened between Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph and Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett have been big.

Garrett has been suspended until the end of the season, and it could have been worse if Rudolph’s camp decided to press charges for the unnecessary violence he made.

However, Garrett can breathe a sigh of relief as it seems that the Steelers quarterback will not be pressing charges against the former first overall pick. ESPN’s Brooke Pryor reported that the quarterback decided to leave the issue as a simple football issue that the NFL will have to deal with exclusively.

The Cleveland Police confirmed the decision, saying that they didn’t receive any complaints from Rudolph’s camp.

Fans and analysts considered the possibility of the case reaching the court due to the excessive violence Garrett utilized during the scuffle. Moreover, Rudolph’s agent mentioned that they’re looking at all possible angles before deciding to proceed with the litigation.

They might have decided that pushing through with a suit would be the worst move since there’s still a lot of football left to play. Being distracted with the suit will only make things worse for the team.

Moreover, the altercation took away from the major win the Browns defense had over Pittsburgh. Rudolph was sacked four times for 43 yards and was unable to establish a rhythm. He wasn’t able to find an open man as well as he was picked four times as well.

It was a disappointing night that was made more terrible by the fight. Rudolph and the Steelers must focus on fixing their errors if they want to win their last five games of the season.