Steelers news: Mike Tomlin has high praise for Minkah Fitzpatrick
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Steelers’ Mike Tomlin has high praise for Minkah Fitzpatrick

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The Pittsburgh Steelers managed to acquire defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick from the Miami Dolphins earlier in the year. It is now safe to say that such a move is paying off in a big way. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has heaped praise upon Fitzpatrick.

“I think it is still in progress,” Tomlin recently told reporters, via NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk. “It is difficult to get on a moving train. I tip my cap to Minkah in terms of doing so, but I just think he is going to get more and more comfortable with each passing week in terms of not only gaining an understanding about the detail of what we are asking him to do but also how it fits into the big picture and he can really start focusing on some of the things that he is looking at from an opponent perspective. I just think he is getting increasingly more comfortable with each passing week, and I think that is why you see the uptick in his production and thus ours.”

However, this should hardly come as a surprise as Tomlin has liked Fitzpatrick’s game ever since the up-and-coming defensive back played college ball at Alabama.

“This guy made plays probably at every level of football he has ever played,” Tomlin added. “I know I was really impressed with his Alabama tape. He was taken extremely high in the draft. We traded a first rounder for him. I do not think it is an unknown thing about his nose for the ball or his general awareness of football abilities.”

The Steelers are now back over .500 after most recently beating the once untouchable Los Angeles Rams.