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Steelers legend Terry Bradshaw blasts Antonio Brown, says he wouldn’t sign WR

terry bradshaw, antonio brown

Even while Antonio Browns remains in free agency, he continues to make headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Following his latest incident, Pittsburgh Steelers’ legend Terry Bradshaw told TMZ Sports that he wouldn’t sign the wide receiver.

“He’s erratic,” Bradshaw told us in NYC … “His behavior makes me nervous. I don’t know what’s wrong with him. It makes no sense.”

Those comments are definitely warranted with how Brown has handled himself over the past year. The All-Pro wide receiver has been on three different teams (including the Steelers) since March and his off-the-field antics have caused him to be ousted each time.

With the New England Patriots, Brown spent only two weeks in Foxborough before a sexual-assault lawsuit was filed against him. Following that, the Patriots released him and the NFL has continued to undergo an investigation on the troubled wideout.

Earlier in the week, Josina Anderson reported that Brown would meet with the NFL to speak about the allegations. It didn’t take long for Brown to retaliate on social media by saying he wouldn’t play in the NFL ever again.

Of course, just a few hours after his post that stated he was never coming back, he recanted his initial statement. Despite his questionable decisions off of the field, there will undoubtedly be teams interested in him if he is found not guilty.

At the same time, whoever decides to take a chance on Brown will have to somehow get him to avoid being a distraction. Above all, Brown needs someone in his ear that lets him know to stay off of social media.