NFL news: Antonio Brown now says he wants to play again
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Antonio Brown now says he wants to play in the NFL again

Antonio Brown

Following Josina Anderson’s report that the NFL was going to meet with Antonio Brown amid the investigation involving him, the disgruntled wideout exclaimed that he had no interest in playing in the NFL again. Just a few hours later, Brown now says that he wants to play in the NFL again.

Originally, the veteran wide receiver stated that he was “never going to play in the NFL again” in a profanity-laced tweet. Of course, Brown didn’t waste much time to try and clean up the mess he made by taking to social media to take back what he said.

Brown is currently under investigation by the NFL after Britney Taylor, a former trainer of Brown, filed a sexual assault lawsuit on the All-Pro wideout. Taylor and her representatives have already met with the NFL to discuss her side of the story.

On the other hand, Brown is now scheduled to meet with the NFL next Thursday. This will be the first time he’s spoken with the NFL since the investigation began in September. The last time that Brown was on a football field, he was catching passes from Tom Brady.

The 31-year-old wide receiver seemed to be on track to be a contributor for the New England Patriots in 2019. Instead, Brown is sitting in free agency and will likely remain there until his case is decided upon.

In the event that Brown’s name is cleared (as he believes it will be), there are going to be teams who will express interest in his services. Despite the interest, for him to extend his playing career, he will undoubtedly have to tone down his antics off of the field.