The Pittsburgh Steelers is an NFL team that basks in the glory of their history. No one knows and loves this more than TJ Watt. The new all-time sacks leader who overtook  James Harrison recently may have seen his next successor. Their matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders and Jimmy Garoppolo saw the rise of Keaanu Benton and the star marveled at his potential.

TJ Watt knows that Keaanu Benton has the ability to be one of the best defenders in the NFL. Also, he dropped a huge praise for the Steelers young gun in his latest statement, via Allison Koehler of USA Today.

“Kid plays hard. And he’s a big guy that can move really well. He continues to get better week in and week out,” Watt declared after Benton showed great skill against Jimmy Garoppolo and the Raiders.

Mike Tomlin gave the young Steelers player the least amount of snaps he has played for the season. He notched his first career sack against the Raiders. Moreover, Watt exuded a lot of foresight and outlined how Benton is different from the other young defenders in the league right now.

“He loves the game, he works hard, and just another guy I’m not surprised by. But super excited to have him. He continues to take steps each and every week, it’s important at this level,” Watt said.

But, there are still a lot of games to be played in Benton's young career. He can continue rising toward his potential as they take on the Houston Texans.