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Stephen Jackson threatens Kwame Brown via IG post in latest chapter of feud

Stephen Jackson, Gilbert Arenas, Kwame Brown, Matt Barnes

Stephen Jackson and Kwame Brown just can’t escape the headlines. After some comments surfaced disparaging Brown came from Jackson, Matt Barnes, and Gilbert Arenas, Brown fired back. However, it doesn’t appear that this feud will be going anywhere, especially after the latest post from Jackson’s social media page.

Jackson is ready to throw hands it seems like, which really shouldn’t be any sort of surprise. On the other hand, Brown fired shots at Arenas, Barnes, and Jackson. However, according to Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports, it appears it isn’t meant to get physical.

Jackson insisted he was not threatening Brown but told him the two should settle their dispute in person before “people who love me do something I can’t control.”

Still, given the history between all four of those guys dating back to their time in the NBA, don’t be surprised if something actually manifests from all of this. These aren’t your typical social media threats from young millennials or Gen-Z folk. Brown called Barnes “Becky with the good hair” and made several jabs towards Jackson as well after hearing the comments on the All The Smoke podcast. 

Of course, Brown and Arenas were teammates on the Washington Wizards and exchanged pleasantries regarding their respective NBA careers, one in which Brown has consistently been labeled a bust considering he went number 1 overall.

Nonetheless, this might be worth monitoring, and an in-person meeting between the group of former NBA players might not be the best thing. Perhaps Stephen Jackson is just trying to stir the pot, but who knows.