The recent PC Gaming Show gave us a release date for Streets of Rogue 2’s Early Access, following the reveal of its latest trailer.

Streets of Rogue 2 Early Access – August 14, 2024

Let’s start when the game will come out. The Streets of Rogue 2 Early Access has a release date of August 14, 2024. The game is now available for wishlisting on PC via Steam.

If you’re unfamiliar with the original game, let me give you a quick rundown. The original Streets of Rogue came out back in 2019 and is an action roguelike RPG with, dare I say it, endless replayability. Players choose from one of numerous characters and must make their way through the game.

These characters vary from gang members to scientists, and even a gorilla. Each character has unique starting equipment, playstyles, and passive skills. It is up to the player to discover what each character does, and find one that suits their playstyle.

The game has randomly generated levels and is populated by a random selection of NPCs and missions. Players are given a primary mission they must fulfill, and side missions that reward money, weapons, and items. Once players complete their missions, they go to the next floor.

Players repeat this until they either make it to the top or are killed in one of many ways, such as getting shot down, burning to death, standing too close to an explosive, and more. When the player dies, they must start from the beginning, and climb once more.

Streets of Rogue 2, however, adds so many new features. For example, the trailer shows some new weapons and characters, increasing the game’s already huge replayability factor. This includes machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, bear traps, and the deadly banana peels.

Although the game’s main objective is to depose a corrupt president, players have multiple ways to do it.

Players can choose to start a coup, go on a crime spree, or act like a boy scout and help out numerous townsfolk. They can alternatively choose to break into facility mainframes, stage a zombie outbreak, or even become a rich farming mogul to bribe everyone. Players can even decide to just chill in the countryside if that’s what they want.

If you do decide to explore the world to depose the president, be ready to explore hugely different corners of the world, such as mysterious caves, neon-lit cities, creepy graveyards, and sunlit islands. To help with the exploration, players have access to vehicles, such as luxury cars, high-speed boats, and more.

Players are given the tools to do whatever they want in Streets of Rogue 2. It is up to the player to decide exactly what that thing they want to do is.

Street of Rogue 2’s developer Matt Dabroski and publisher tinyBuild games have committed to multiple exciting updates, which will help maximize the madness until the game’s 1.0 launch. As for when the release date of Streets of Rogue 2’s 1.0 version is, we’ll just have to wait and see.

More information about the game is available on the Streets of Rogue 2 official website, as well as the official Streets of Rogue and tinyBuild X (formerly Twitter) accounts. Players can now also wishlist the game on Steam.

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