Devin Booker is well on his way to cementing his legacy for the Phoenix Suns. On Friday night, he passed a fellow Suns icon to add to his franchise resume.

With his first and only three-pointer on the night against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Booker moved past Nash for most three-pointers in Suns history.

“It means a lot,” said Devin Booker after the game. “Being in the company of a name like Steve Nash, somebody that I have a ton of respect for. One of my first games here as a Phoenix Sun was his ring of honor night and just somebody that I've always kept in contact with. Just understand how much he's done for this franchise. Two-time MVP, the list goes on. Just to be at the top of that list for an organization that took a chance on me as an 18-year-old kid is very important.”

Devin Booker needed just one three-pointer against the Thunder and took his sweet time to get it. He had missed his first five attempts from distance before draining a dagger on the left wing to put the Suns up double digits with just over two minutes left in the game.

He finished with 25 points on 9-of-21 shooting from the field to go along with six rebounds and eight assists in the 124-115 win. With Kevin Durant waiting in the wings, those contested threes Booker took against the Thunder will look much more open given he'll be playing off one of the most devastating scorers in history. If the Suns can climb the mountaintop and win the title to cap the season, Devin Booker will be front and center for something even greats like Nash and Charles Barkley fell short of doing with the franchise.