Just when some folks thought that Devin Booker's long-term relationship with Kendall Jenner had wedding bells on the horizon, reports emerged that the pair had decided to call it quits. Right now, Jenner is rumored to be dating Puerto Rican rapper/singer Bad Bunny, who for his part, appears to have dissed the Phoenix Suns superstar in one of his recent songs.

Booker apparently caught wind of the savagery, and could not help but clap back with his own jab against the rapper:

It is clear that Bad Bunny was referencing Kendall Jenner in his song when he said that “she knows” the sun is hotter in Puerto Rico than it is in Phoenix. Booker did not appreciate the insult, and he has since responded with a diss of his own:

“He worried about another MAN again,” Booker wrote in the comments section of the above post.

I tried digging through the actual post on Instagram, but for some reason, I couldn't find Booker's actual comment. Either it has already been deleted, or I'm just lacking in IG investigative skills. Whatever the case may be, it does seem that these two just don't really like each other.

As for his basketball, Devin Booker cannot afford to lose focus now, with the Suns still vying for positioning out in the Western Conference. At the moment, Phoenix is in possession of a 38-32 record and is fourth in the West. However, only four games separate them from the 10th-seeded Los Angeles Lakers, so at this point, it is clear that the playoff race in the West is going to come down the wire.