Kevin Durant has always been known to engage with fans and critics on Twitter, and the Phoenix Suns star was back at it again on Saturday after the trolls dragged his name while discussing the disaster that happened to the Brooklyn Nets.

It all started when some critics accused Durant of preventing the Nets from re-signing Bruce Brown. With Brown serving as hero for the Denver Nuggets in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, many couldn't help but look back at his departure from Brooklyn.

Brown said last May that he thought the Nets wanted him back, but other forces stopped them from re-signing him. Many were quick to claim that Durant was the culprit considering his influence on the team. After which, the Twitter trolls started throwing other accusations and criticisms at Durant, including his constant refusal to take accountability over what happened to the Nets.

One commenter said, “The fact you on here being mad defensive about how shot went down in Brooklyn and pretending that [yo]u didn't just get a good coach fired is a major red flag. You got the self awareness of a hair brush (if [yo]u even know what that is).”

Durant responded to the statement, saying: “It's gon always be easier to just #blamekd.”

Another detractor said that, “Only time he was speaking up publicly was through his yes man Rich, and that was the ‘ultimatum' on Nash and Marks. Never took the ownership to stand up publicly and lay out his cards. Him, Kai, and Harden all failed and no one will ever own up to it. Honestly glad its over.” Durant called the narrative “fan fiction.”

Kevin Durant also pointed out that he's “in a lose/lose situation in your eyes no matter what I do” in response to another hater slamming his constant stance that he's not getting involved in front office decisions and that he's just a hooper.

It's unlikely the criticisms will end any time soon for Durant, but with plenty of time in his hands, it's likely he'll keep firing back to defend his name. You do you, KD.