The Phoenix Suns have hired Frank Vogel to be their next head coach. Vogel will have a tall task in front of him, and NBA Twitter had some mixed reactions to the Suns choosing him to be their next front man.

This is just the tip of the reaction iceberg on NBA Twitter, and it is clear it is a decision that has many up in arms. While some are praising the hire and Frank Vogel for the stability and championship resume he brings the Suns, others are saying it is a downgrade from Monty Williams and not inspiring enough of a hire.

Regardless of whether or not the Suns made the right decision in hiring Frank Vogel, there is still plenty left to do in Phoenix to actually make them a contender. They proved this year that the roster surrounding Kevin Durant and Devin Booker was not good enough to compete; Frank Vogel or not, the Suns need a more complementary team around their two superstars.

Upgrading that roster for Vogel might come via a trade of DeAndre Ayton this summer. Even before their exit from the 2023 NBA Playoffs the Suns were rumored to be shopping Ayton, and are most certainly now after a subpar performance in the postseason from their big man. Ayton could land quite a substantial haul of assets that could in turn build a potential contender around KD and Booker.

For now, it will remain to be seen until next season and most likely beyond if Frank Vogel was a good hire for the Suns. However, in typical NBA Twitter fashion, the hot takes are already coming in hot and heavy.