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LeBron James reacts to NFL 100 commercial in Super Bowl LIII

LeBron James, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports personalities in the world and one of the greatest basketball players of all-time. But during Super Bowl Sunday, he’s just a fan like everybody else.

Yeah LeBron, fans are also wondering how good you could have been if you were a football player.

James is obviously taking a break from all the drama in the NBA, especially the one that’s engulfing the Lakers, this season. He has only played one game (win against the Clippers) since December 25 due to a groin injury, and the Lakers have struggled without him.

Sure, he’s doing everything he can to help the Lakers, either by showing moral support during home games or giving the team’s younger guys some advice during practice sessions. But he himself should be upset and worried with what’s happening to his team.

And what better way to take his mind off of all the frustrations for a while than to watch Tom Brady win his sixth Super Bowl trophy.

The Pats winning the Super Bowl title is a surreal moment for die-hard football fans like LeBron.

This day is for you, ‘Bron and all the Patriots fans out there. Enjoy it, for tomorrow you’re going to be back to focus on basketball and the Lakers once again.