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Ricky Rubio does his own Super Bowl halftime show with Jazz teammate Donovan Mitchell

Ricky Rubio, Donovan Mitchell

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most anticipated sports events in the entire world. The showdown between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots has everyone tuned in. Even NBA players find time to watch and enjoy the game despite their busy schedules.

Here’s a video of Utah Jazz players Ricky Rubio and Donovan Mitchell doing their own version of the halftime show.

There is no denying that Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports events of the year. It is so big that even its halftime shows are a big deal for the millions of fans all over the world.

Super Bowl 53 featured performances by Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi.

And yes, everybody got to see Adam Levine rip his shirt off.

Most fans didn’t want to witness that, but they did anyway.

The Super Bowl halftime show features some of the biggest artists all over the world. Whoever is selected to perform during the break is expected to be witnessed by a massive crowd that most of them don’t get to experience in their own individual concerts.

But while most of the talk will be about the outcome of the Super Bowl, people will still find time to discuss what happened during the halftime show. Fans won’t be ashamed to air their sentiments on Twitter.

But for Rubio and Mitchell, the halftime show is something he can just enjoy, no matter what others have to say about it.