After officially securing a main event spot at Forbidden Door by winning the Casino Gauntlet match on the Kia Forum edition of Dynamite, Will Ospreay is now mere weeks away from wrestling Swerve Strickland for the AEW World Championship on Long Island on June 30th.

Win the match, and Ospreay becomes a double singles champion in AEW, a feat no one has ever accomplished in Tony Khan's company, but if he can't get the job done, it will end something just as impressive, the “Aeriel Assassin's” undefeated singles streak.

Taking the ring in the opening segment of Dynamite, Strickland put over Ospreay as being a performer on his level, but questioned whether or not he still has the killer instinct needed to get the job done, as after Double or Nothing, the AEW World Champion simply isn't sure anymore.

“Des Moines, Iowa, are you ready for some Dynamite tonight? Better yet, are you ready for some Forbidden Door coming up in a couple weeks? As you should be, because in one corner we have the ‘Billy Goat' himself, we've got the international champion, Will Ospreay, challenging the AEW World Champion, the ‘Moguel' himself, the historymaker. Whose house? Swerve's House! In the main event for this here AEW World Championship. Two absolute bonified stars, the biggest stars of this generation, colliding for all gold, baby,” Swerve Strickland told the crowd in Iowa.

“Two absolute killers… well, more like one killer in that ring. Will Ospreay, I told you about a decade ago, once you developed that killer instinct, there's not going to be anybody in this industry that's going to be able to stop you, and that's been true. I'll take it back a whole year ago at Forbidden Door last year, you versus Kenny Omega; I saw a killer, no, I saw an assassin get the job done. Fast forward a couple months later at Revolution, and you and Takeshita tore the house down; an assassin got the job done. Fast forward months later at Dynasty, you and Bryan Danielson; an assassin who got the job done.

“Now at Double or Nothing, nah not really; I didn't quite see that assassin. Because let me tell you something, when it comes to me, I'm not a target you want to hesitate on. I got the nickname Killshot for a reason, because if you don't pull the trigger, I sure as h*ll will. But that doesn't mean I don't respect you, Will, you are a fighting champion, you are the AEW International Champion, defending it night in and night out, h*ll, you're defending it tonight against Fenix. You're a fighting champion, unlike the EVPs.”

Is Strickland on the money? Has Ospreay's unwillingness to hit the Tiger Driver 91 made him soft, losing the edge that has allowed him to go undefeated in AEW? Or does the “Billy Goat” still have what it takes to defeat Strickland, even if he wants to do it in an honorable way without risking his foe's long-term health? Fans will find out in a little over two weeks.

Will Ospreay wants to “do a Copeland” and wrestle into his 50s.

While only time will tell if Will Ospreay can capture AEW's top honor at Forbidden Door, if he doesn't, it's not the end of the world, as, in an interview with Justin Walker, the “Billy Goat” reveals that he plans to keep wrestling into his 50s just like Adam Copeland.

“You saw it straight away, there are things about it that makes it feels different. The fact that we're able to constantly progress with the times and look at what we've done last year and how we can better ourselves,” Will Ospreay told Justin Walker via Fightful.”Right now, it feels like this is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most elite roster ever. It's a five year company and still has growing pains to go through, but this is our growing pains. What are we going to look like in ten years time, in 15 years time, in 20 years time? That's how long I want to be part of this thing for. I'm still young, still fresh. I definitely feel I can do a Copeland [Adam Copeland] and be wrestling when I'm 50 years old. I definitely think I can. Look at me, I look good, don't I?”

At 31, Will Ospreay still has plenty of matches to wrestle and feuds to fight before he hits the big 50, still, if there's one piece of advice he should take from Copeland, it's that quinquagenarians shouldn't try to hit a flying elbow off of the top of a steel cage match, unless, of course, they want to take a few months off with a broken tibia.