Most of the time, playing through big-brain games would leave us exhausted and looking for something else to play as a palate cleanser. But when some games are just crafted so well, we are left wanting for more. Symphony of War counts itself in the latter camp, and upon completing the main campaign of the game, we’re completely excited to try out the new content available in the first Symphony of War DLC: Legends. Check out our Symphony of War Legends DLC review below and find out what made us feel that way, and maybe you’d find this as the reason why you should revisit this gem of a turn-based strategy game.

Symphony of War Legends DLC Review: What is in the Legends DLC?

Symphony of War Legends DLC adds several new features, both to widen its offerings and to deepen existing ones, while also providing more avenues to experience these said offerings. What’s new in Legends DLC that’s not in the original game? Upon installation, players will gain access to the New Game+ Mode, access to several new side chapters, a dozen or so new classes for their units, and new artifacts that they can find on the battlefield and in markets.


The way all of these new gameplay features integrate into the main game is wonderful. None of the new classes feel too overpowered, and their mechanics do affect the meta of the game so much so that new builds are now possible. The addition of the mechanically-unique Necromancer class adds more depth to any player’s army composition.

The new chapters are mostly just that – more chapters to play through. Most of the time, additional stories and levels are the beef of an expansion, but somehow the new chapters are completely overshadowed by the game’s New Game + in terms of additional replayability. Playing through the new chapters is fine enough, and it tells a good story that adds more to the characters we’ve already met before, along with some new ones. They also offer enough challenges that it will take you some time to complete them.

However, the Legends DLC’s New Game + mode just blows everything out of the water. Instead of just making players go through the story one more time but with carry overs from the previous run, the Legends DLC instead gives players a lot of customizable options that allow them to dictate how they want to experience their next run. And it’s not only in terms of difficulty, although that’s also something you can customize. Symphony of War’s New Game + may just be the most customizable New Game + out there, allowing players to tweak, enable, or change multiple aspects of the game, like progression, mechanics, and as mentioned, difficulty. This design makes sure that each run does feel different, and it allows players to challenge themselves on their own terms.


Alongside the new DLC is a facelift that made Symphony of War looks the best that it’s ever been. The new portraits in the DLC are also well-made, although the game’s RPG Maker cutscenes still exist and continue to be a jarring pacebreaker between story beats.

Verdict: Is Symphony of War Legends DLC Worth Your Time and Money?

8 new chapters that you can access on the side, a deeply customizable and ever-evolving New Game+, and thirteen new classes, including one that works with completely different mechanics compared to other classes, all for the cost of $19.99. Sure, you can already buy new indie games with that amount of money, but if you liked Symphony of War the first time you played it, then this DLC will give you so much more mileage that you might even end up making this your last Steam purchase in a very long time. It’s more Symphony of War, and that’s a good thing, as the developers didn’t add anything that overly changes the experience, but still gave enough content that will last you for hundreds more hours of gameplay.

If you liked Symphony of War, this should be an easy purchase, although for those who haven’t played Symphony of War yet, best to leave the DLC for later once you’ve tried the main game for yourself and decide that the game is for you. After all, Legends DLC makes its improvements more felt when played after completin the main game at least once.

Symphony of War and its DLC, Legends, is exclusively available on PC through Steam.

Score: 8/10

Editor’s Note: ClutchPoints received a PC review copy of the game and its DLC to allow us to cover this DLC. These copies did not, in any way, affect this Symphony of War Legends DLC Review’s final score and verdict.