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Syracuse QB Rex Culpepper spikes football with game on the line on 4th down

Rex Culpepper, Syracuse, college football

Syracuse had an opportunity to make it a game versus North Carolina State, only for Rex Culpepper to make an embarrassing mistake. On the final drive of the game, Culpepper spiked the football on fourth down, preventing Syracuse from having a chance to win.

Before the head-turning decision from Culpepper, Syracuse needed to drive the length of the field with a little over five minutes remaining. Culpepper would lead the offense into the red zone after converting two third downs and a fourth down.

However, on third-and-goal from the seven-yard line, Culpepper would scramble around in the backfield, expeditiously looking to make a play. But Culpepper would make a terrible decision to take a sack with the clock still winding down.

With it being fourth down and having no timeouts at their disposal, Syracuse was going to have to take a shot to the end zone on the final play. Instead, Culpepper channeled his inner Tom Brady, forgetting it was fourth down, spiking it to stop the clock.

While he technically did save some time on the clock, he turned the ball over to North Carolina State, allowing them to deploy the victory formation. The loss gives Syracuse a dismal 1-9 record after having a chance to upset their ACC rivals.

Culpepper finished the game with 254 passing yards and two touchdowns, with Syracuse holding a 29-20 lead midway through the third quarter. Even though the chances of him completing a touchdown pass on fourth-and-goal, Culpepper made a mistake that will probably linger in his mind for quite some time.