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Tales of Arise will feature no post-launch story DLC

Tales of Arise will feature no post-launch story DLC

In an official Tales of Arise broadcast last July 29, producer Yusuke Tomizawa confirmed that there will be no post-release story content for the game. Additionally, Tales of Arise aims to be a complete, standalone experience, with no plans for a prequel or sequel. It will also not feature any crossovers with other Tales titles. However, there will be Tales of Arise crossover content in the mobile Tales games. These will not tie into the Tales of Arise core experience or story in any way.

The same broadcast also detailed how skits will work in the game. For the first time in the Tales series, they will be more interactive. They will also feature unique cutaways during some segments. The new “Spirit of Adventure” trailer was also shown off here, where they featured the numerous side activities available in the game. Examples of these are fishing and cooking.

The official website by BandaiNamco sets up the Tales of Arise’s premise as follows:

“On the planet Dahna, reverence has always been given to Rena, the planet in the sky, as a land of the righteous and divine. Stories handed down for generations became truth and masked reality for the people of Dahna. For 300 years, Rena has ruled over Dahna, pillaging the planet of its resources and stripping people of their dignity and freedom.

Our tale begins with two people, born on different worlds, each looking to change their fate and create a new future. Featuring a new cast of characters, updated combat, and classic Tales of gameplay mechanics.”

Tales of Arise is coming out on September 10, 2021. It will be available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and on PC.