Ted Lasso may not know much about the game of football (or as Americans call it, “soccer”). But there's one thing he appears to know better than others: how to get in touch with the feelings of other people. That is the best gift of the titular character in the popular Apple TV series, played by Jason Sudeikis. And in Season 3 – perhaps the show's final season – it seems like the emotional stakes are about to ratchet up even further.

While the emotional highs and lows of Sudeikis' Lasso and his beloved club AFC Richmond amid their relegation troubles and spirited fight for promotion are what understandably draws headlines, it seems like the show has had a profound effect on the actor that brought the iconic fish-out-of-water Premier League manager character to life.

In particular, the storyline involving Ted Lasso's relationship with his father, and the sensitive nature of his dad's death, deeply moved Sudeikis, especially with how it was able to build a connection with its loving audience.

“Now I’ve had people literally tell me how it saved their lives in deeply moving ways, emotional ways of decisions that they wanted to make for their lives similar to Ted’s father. That this kind of talked them out of it because of the kids that they have and the people they’d be leaving behind. That can move me to tears if I really sit and think with it,” Sudeikis said, per Vahe Gregorian of The Kansas City Star.

While Ted Lasso is a comedy-sports series at its core, the heart it possesses allows it to strike a chord with millions of viewers around the globe. Thus, Sudeikis, along with other members of the cast, is glad to be part of what has been such a rousing success.

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“We’ve all (in the cast) had people come up to us and say, ‘Oh my God, this show has saved my life.' And I’ve said, ‘Me, too.’ And they usually laugh. And yet I’m not joking. As I know that they’re not joking with me,” Sudeikis added. “I’m glad it happened to me later in my life. Or at least midway through my life, hopefully, and not early on.”

The third season of Ted Lasso will be released on March 15, with the biggest storyline being Lasso and AFC Richmond's inevitable clash against former assistant coach Nathan Shelley and his new club, West Ham United.