The Association, ClutchPoints’ animated series, has been on a roll with its latest episode. In the most recent installment, fans saw LeBron James take on the holiday spirit and put his own unique twist on it. In the new chapter, the spotlight is on Joel Embiid taking center stage as other stars are leaving the Philadelphia 76ers’ star behind. We take a look at The Association episode 5 review, all the funniest moments, and easter eggs to know what truly went down here.

The Association episode 5 review

The Association episode 5 starts with Embiid going over to Mr. Moby and complaining about constantly being a runner-up. For his part, the head of HR refutes the 76ers’ star by saying it’s not true. Embiid then remembers wearing a Batman mask while staring at several MVP candidates, including Luka Doncic, Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jayson Tatum, as James Harden delivers a runner-up award to him. The Process adds that he’s the hero everyone needs, not the one they deserve, and he’ll have his revenge while staring at Nikola Jokic garbed in a Joker costume.

Once The Association’s title card has been shown, Embiid tells Mr. Moby his desire to file a complaint against the media for preventing him from becoming a starter in the All-Star Game. He goes on to rant against Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo for getting more votes than him with the latter making a Philly joke about why he didn’t make the cut as a starter. The focus then shifts to Jayson Tatum and how his attack ad campaign affected his reputation.

After making his case as a starter by averaging around 33 points a game, Mr. Moby refutes Embiid by saying other All-Stars don’t have as much help as he does in Philadelphia. The scene then cuts to Luka Doncic and Mark Cuban giving Kyrie Irving a chance to join the Dallas Mavericks, even though he has a lot of red flags in his past. Along with all the other names he has mentioned, Embiid takes note of Victor Wembanyama as another guy getting more attention than him. This leads to LeBron James showing visible anger as everyone is saying that he’s the best prospect ever.

With all of his options exhausted, Embiid is now looking to accept his fate. At that exact moment, Mr. Moby receives a text message Durant won’t be able to make the All-Star Game due to an injury, much to the joy of Philadelphia’s pride and joy. Another text comes in with KD requesting to leave Brooklyn right away as Embiid throws a smoke grenade and leaves. At this point, he remarks that it’s like the playoffs where he disappears all of a sudden. Outside, Jimmy Butler is waiting for Embiid as the center’s personal butler is gagged and tied in the trunk.

The Association episode 5 funniest moments and easter eggs

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6. Embiid’s All-Star woes

In the latest episode of this ClutchPoints animated series, we see Embiid resent the fact that he’s constantly a runner-up to the likes of Antentokounmpo and Nikola Jokic. This can be seen in the part where he stares at these guys and how he complained to Mr. Moby about their actions on failure to become an All-Star starter. Two of the most notable scenes here are the Greek Freak’s Philly buster joke against him and Tatum’s ant0-Embiid advertisement. All of these reflect Embiid’s real-life struggles to get more acknowledgment from the media and the public, even if he’s playing at an insane level lately.

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5. Giannis’ dad joke for Embiid

Speaking of the Greek Freak, the following scene shows Antetokounmpo saying he discovered why Embiid didn’t get enough votes. He said that there was a Philly buster that caused it, causing Embiid to resent the Milwaukee Bucks’ All-Star. For his part, Antentokounmpo is known for these jokes, much to the delight or annoyance of anyone who hears them.

4. Jayson Tatum’s advertisement

After Antentokoumpo’s scene, we get Jayson Tatum’s advertisement attacking Embiid. In it, the Boston Celtics’ star tells the public that no one wants a foul-baiting man-baby to become a starter in the All-Star Game. He even goes above and beyond by saying Embiid’s kid isn’t even cute at all. Behind him is a poster of a Baby Mamba, which reflects the sentiments of some fans seeing him as the heir apparent to Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba.

3. Kyrie’s move to the Dallas Mavericks

At some point during The Association episode 5, we see Mr. Moby say that unlike other All-Stars, Embiid has some form of help on his team. The scene then cuts to a talk show hosted by Luka Doncic and Mark Cuban speaking to Kyrie Irving. The All-Star guard appears with a screen showing a Flat Earth image behind him and is asking for a 4-year 200 million contract for his talents. Both Doncic and Cuban agree, even with Irving’s history of causing chaos to the teams he has played for. Again, this part reflects the star’s time, not only with the Brooklyn Nets, but with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics before.

2. Victor Wembanyama

Moving on to other names, Embiid tries to roast Victor Wembanyama for getting much of the attention, even though he hasn’t played for the NBA yet. This leads to a scene where a portrait of the French phenom replaces that of LeBron James as the best prospect ever, causing anger to rise in the Los Angeles Lakers’ star. Again, this short scene shows the increasing popularity of Wembanyama amongst fans and various front offices in the NBA.

1. Kevin Durant’s recent status

Just as Embiid is about to give up, Mr. Moby receives a text from Durant saying he won’t be able to play in the All-Star Game due to an injury. This opens up a starter spot, much to the joy of the 76ers’ star. As Embiid is celebrating, Mr. Moby gets a follow-up text about Durant’s desire to leave Brooklyn. Just recently, the two-time Finals MVP made it clear that he wants out of the Nets. This request culminated in a trade to the Phoenix Suns in a package headlined by young players and draft picks.

With the All-Star Weekend done, the NBA’s 2022-23 season has now passed its halfway mark. Along with all the action on the court, expect more fun from ClutchPoints’ The Association in the coming weeks.