Alchemy may be one of the most annoying subjects in Genshin Impact as it will remind you of those hours needed to grind your way in finding items. But it can also be a fun endeavor especially when you have Albedo in your lineup. Once you start testing his skill set, you’ll realize how insane his obsession for alchemy can translate in the battlefield. Just look at those golden numbers appearing out of nowhere, how did he synthesize those?

But the big question stems on how one should approach Albedo. The trailers may indicate that he is limited to the support role, but once you grasp his abilities you’ll realize that there is more for him to offer than just standing on a platform and dunking everyone below him.

Now is the time for you to incorporate the inner alchemist in you as there are two possible builds that you could experiment on. If science has room for trial-and-error, this concept doesn’t apply in Genshin Impact as you might be wasting resources for the wrong build.



  • PROS
    • deals a lot of geo damage
    • flexible in terms of hero compositions
    • flexible in terms of roles as Albedo can be deployed as a main DPS or support
  • CONS

If you’re a devote follower of Albedo to the point where you both share the same sentiments that everything else in this world is boring except drawing and alchemy then this build is suited for you. If Zhongli’s support build is limited as he’ll only focus more on shielding and nuke bombing his opponents, Albedo is more fluid as he can unleash numerous geo damage from his elemental skill while protecting his teammates.


The Festering Desire is the perfect starter weapon as it increases the damage of your elemental skill. It’s extremely accessible since you’re only required to accomplish Albedo related quests in Dragonspine. It’s likewise the easiest to enhance as the materials needed are easily acquired through the event. If for some weird reason that you managed to acquire Albedo but miss the entire event then there are other alternatives to consider. These alternatives however may be difficult to attain as they require a stroke of luck.

The Favonius Sword is one alternative given the energy recharge and the added effect of generating an elemental orb to further spam your burst. You may also try the Skyward Blade given the added CRIT rate, energy recharge, and the increased attack speed after using your burst.

If ever you’re having a difficult time looking for these weapons then the alternative would be focusing on weapons that build physical damage. This will make your Albedo into a jack of all trades type of character where his physical and geo damage feel lackluster.


Like Zhongli, aiming for a 2-piece Archaic Petra and a 2-piece Noblesse Oblige is a priority as this set will increase the damage of your burst. You may likewise aim for a 4-piece Archaic Petra if ever you have another main-DPS like Razor, Klee, Diluc, Tartaglia, or Keqing to enhance their damage.

If ever these options are unavailable, you can try for a 2-piece Scholar and 2-piece Exile as a starter to provide that burst spamming option.

When choosing artifacts, always aim for those that will increase your geo damage, CRIT damage, and CRIT rate as these will further boost your output in battles. Focusing on defense is an alternative as his elemental skill’s damage is heavily dependent on it.


The entire wish pool for The Chalk Prince and the Dragon could be the perfect starter build for the following reasons. Albedo can be deployed as your main DPS as he barrages your opponents with geo damage, while Sucrose, Fischl, and Bennett, perform their usual antics. You may even send Fischl on the platform and unleash her electro arrow attacks. Venti could also serve as an alternative for Sucrose and we’ll definitely envy you for having one. You may also use Noelle as an alternative to Fischl to further increase the attack damage of the entire team due to the elemental resonance effect. You could even try Albedo with Noelle combined with Xinyan and Bennett to further increase the team’s attack.

Having a main DPS like Keqing or Diluc will definitely be a massive tool in your lineup as you could easily obliterate the opposition with ease. Imagine the fireworks brought by Albedo’s elemental skill and the attacks of your main-DPS mixed with Noelle’s shielding plus elemental resonance. This lineup will transform the Spiral Abyss into child’s play.


If you’re going for the Chalk Prince and the Dragon lineup (Albedo, Sucrose, Fischl, and Bennett) then your playstyle should revolve around using Albedo’s elemental skill followed by the abilities of Sucrose, Fischl, and Bennett. It would be a blast to combine Sucrose’s burst will Albedo’s skill and Fischl or Bennett’s skill. You can even culminate things with Albedo’s burst. Since you’ll be relying on the abilities of your teammates, this will require a lot of button pressing especially at the start of battle. While the cooldown of their abilities are active, you can send Albedo in the battlefield and unleash a flurry of physical attacks.

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If you go for the dual geo and pyro build with Albedo, Noelle, Xinyan, and Bennett, then the following procedures should follow. Albedo will summon his platform and rely on Xinyan and Noelle to shield him with Bennett unleashing his abilities as a constellation prize. Albedo or Xinyan can be the ones dealing the physical damage while everyone’s abilities are on cooldown.

If Albedo is a secondary damage option or a support, then his role is limited to him summoning his platform and unleashing his burst. The main DPS will be in charge of everything.

In whatever approach you deploy, it’s extremely important to center the battlefield inside the sphere of Albedo’s platform to further maximize its effects. Be sure to use Albedo’s burst inside it as well.



  • Flexible weapon pool
  • Doesn’t require abilities


  • Limited hero compositions
  • Weak geo damage
  • Very rigid as Albedo is limited to being a damage dealer
  • Isn’t the best option given that there are other better physical DPS options

If like Albedo, you consider a lack of experimentation and curiosity as mundane or if you have a massive crush on him then this build is meant for you. Albedo’s damage may not be at par with that of Keqing but this could be a fun build to poke fun at enemies in Teyvat.


Prototype Rancour could be your starter weapon as it increases your physical damage bonus. This weapon can be crafted at the blacksmith so you don’t need to go to the cathedral and pray to Barbatos for any gacha-oriented luck. If you’re extremely tight in budget, you can opt to begin with the Harbinger of Dawn or Fillet Blade. Just be sure to aim for the Rancour as the game progresses.

The Aquila Favonia should be your go to weapon given its high damage outburst and healing effect, however this weapon is difficult to attain given its 5-star status. You can opt to go for Sword of Descencion, The Flute, or Royal Longsword as an alternative.


You may start with a 2-piece Berserker, a 2-piece Brave Heart, a 2-piece Martial Artist, or a 2-piece Resolution of Sojourner given the added damage that you’ll receive. As you progress, it’s important to transition to a 5-star, 2-piece Bloodstained Chivalry and a 5-star, 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale to boost the damage. A 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale could also serve as an alternative. Be sure to aim for stats that increase CRIT rate, CRIT damage, and attack.


Unlike the geo-alchemist version, this build requires a specific set of characters to further maximize the physical damage of Albedo as he doesn’t boast the best damage outburst as compared to others. Just like Zhongli’s physical damage build, this requires a superconduct lineup. Having Kaeya and Fischl could be the starter build but you can try other options like Diona, Beidou, or Qiqi. Since this composition is limited it’s important to have a healer or a support, specifically Noelle in the lineup given the resonance effect.


His platform in this build is no longer a main damage contributor as it devolves into a prop on a Christmas tree. However it could be of use to destroy the geo-based shields of Hilichurls so use it when you encounter these creatures. Similar to Zhongli’s physical DPS build, this requires a barrage of cryo and electro-based abilities before Albedo makes his grand entrance. Be sure to surround him with Noelle’s shield and his platform to further boost his damage.

Now that we’ve uncovered the builds for Albedo, it’s possible that you might end up like Timaeus where you’re convinced that ancient alchemy is truly fascinating. Just be sure that your chosen build follows the correct formula, otherwise Albedo might criticize your miscalculated conclusions. Sucrose is always there to assist you, that’s if you’re using the geo-alchemist build.