Reddit is home to the craziest things you will ever see in your life. On its fun side, though, it’s also where you can learn some very interesting trivia.

Such was proven following the recent trade that sent L.A. Clippers superstar Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons.

In the NBA subreddit, user ohgosh_thejosh shared some thoughts on the deal. He did not make a pick on who won the trade, but explained why the Orlando Magic are its biggest losers.

Yep. The Magic, who are not even involved in the transaction. Here’s the post:

“Reminder: Orlando essentially traded [Tobias] Harris, [Victor] Oladipo, and [Domantas] Sabonis for Terrence Ross and a late 1st rounder. The 3 (+ some fillers/picks) have since netted Paul George and Blake Griffin”

“Harris was inexplicably traded away for 3 months of Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova.

Ilyasova, Oladipo, and Sabonis were traded for Ibaka.

Ibaka was traded for Ross and [a] late first rounder.

The Magic have been absolutely catastrophically ruined by [former General Manager Rob] Hennigan's horrible trades… I know he's already been fired, but it's actually inexcusable. Hennigan should go down as a historically bad GM.”

The Magic front office’s inability to use small-yet-attractive pieces to acquire solid players have been very evident to the team's fortunes in the past couple of seasons.

With a dismal 14-34 record, the Magic are well on their way to yet another early vacation. Their streak of missing the postseason is approaching its sixth-consecutive year. Should the Philadelphia 76ers make the playoffs this season – which is looking likely at this point – Orlando will have the solo label of currently having the longest postseason drought in the Eastern Conference.