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Charlotte Hornets’ new jerseys have fans split

The Charlotte Hornets franchise hasn’t had a ton of success in its history, but one thing that has kept them in the spotlight is their iconic jerseys.

Now, the Hornets have revealed their new ICON and ASSOCIATION jersey for next season, leaning on some of those iconic elements.

Hornets fans seem to be split on the new/old look, and Locked On Hornets podcast, hosts Walker Mehl and Nata Edwards explain both views points on their latest episode.

Walker Mehl: Nata, what do you think of the new uniforms that the Hornets unveiled for this season?

Nata Edwards: Meh… literally meh… Here’s the thing, I understand that sports is about nostalgia and loving of the nostalgia. But can’t we just ditch that? I guess that’s where I’m at. I don’t need any more nostalgia. I really, really, really don’t need any more nostalgia and it feels like they’re force feeding me the nostalgia down my throat because they don’t have anything else.

Walker: I don’t think that’s true at all I think, that [the new Hornets jerseys] do have something new. I think these jerseys are a little on the modern side, but they do bring back some of that nostalgia feel that honestly everybody else seems to love what they’re reminded of when they think of some of the reasons they feel in love with the Hornets. Those jerseys are iconic… the Starter jacket, the purple and teal, the weird colors, I’m with all of it. I like bringing back some of the only things we can be proud of for a Hornets franchise and the jersey is one of them… I’m here for the pinstripes, I love the look to be honest. I think it looks great, I think it looks clean, I think it is something where you do have a little bit of what you had back in the day… I think they did a good job of bringing in some new elements to it… I love these jerseys comparing them to the other ones.

Nata: I know you love it and the fact that I have to come on here and crap on it so hard is making me feel bad. But the problem is they’re plain… it’s too much of a nostalgia play, at some point you draw the line between loving nostalgia and pandering, and this is basically pandering right here.

Everyone has their own opinion on these new jerseys, but the Hornets have made one thing clear: The nostalgia is here to stay.