The Miami Heat have been all over the news as of late. The team is reportedly looking to add another star to the roster after coming up short in the Eastern Conference Finals this past season. Kevin Durant has been linked to Miami as a potential option. However, Donovan Mitchell’s name has also been linked to the Heat. 

Can the Heat pull off a Donovan Mitchell trade? Let’s put together the perfect trade Miami can offer Utah. 

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The perfect trade must offer Jazz for Donovan Mitchell

The centerpiece

Tyler Herro would be the centerpiece of a Donovan Mitchell trade package. Herro averaged just under 21 points per game in a 6th man role for the Heat during this past season. He is already one of the most well-known NBA players despite being just 22-years old. 

Tyler Herro has expressed a desire to start this season. He also has aspirations of becoming an All-Star in the future. Getting dealt to the Jazz could provide Herro with an opportunity to become a superstar in the league. 

Secondary piece

Duncan Robinson is expected to be another piece in this trade.

Robinson is a 28-year old pure shooter who has flashed signs of brilliance from beyond the arc in the past. But limited playing time during the 2021-2022 postseason led many to believe Robinson could be on the trade block. 

Robinson averaged right around 13 points per game over the past two years before seeing that number drop to 11 points per contest this past year. But he also averaged around 30 minutes over those past two seasons. In 2021-2022, Robinson played just over 25 minutes per game. 

And he still shot over 37 percent from beyond the arc. So the talent is still there. Duncan Robinson just needs playing time. 

Utah may realize his potential and attempt to acquire him along with Herro. 

But this trade would need more than Herro and Robinson to come to fruition. 

Other pieces and picks

The Heat would need to add a plethora of picks to make this deal happen. Miami might need to trade 3-4 picks to fully catch the Jazz’ interest. The Miami Herald says that the Heat would need to add at least 2 first round picks to the dealBut Utah realistically might ask for more given the overall return.

Even if Miami placed another role player in the trade, the only truly enticing NBA piece they would be receiving is Tyler Herro. Duncan Robinson isn't bad, but Miami might need to include 3 or 4 picks to make this happen. 

In the end, this is a trade that has the potential to occur. The Jazz are rumored to be shipping Donovan Mitchell and the Heat are looking to acquire another star alongside Jimmy Butler. 

However, the Heat don’t necessarily have to make this trade. Some people around the league believe Herro is a budding star. After winning his 6th Man of the Year award in 2021-2022, Herro’s ceiling may be even higher in a starting role for Miami. 

So the Heat might already have their next star on the team. Would Mitchell represent an upgrade? Yes. But this is a Miami team that has already displayed championship potential. So they can be picky when it comes to completing a trade. 

Nonetheless, expect the Heat to continuously inquire about Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant as the offseason rolls along.