Manny Pacquiao’s oldest son Emmanuel Jr. Pacquiao, better known as “Jimuel,” has decided to stay in the U.S. to continue training boxing after his father’s loss to Yordenis Ugas.

Jimuel Pacquiao was ringside when his legendary father Manny Pacquiao succumbed to the devastating power of WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas last month.

Determined to follow in the footsteps of the world’s only eight-division titlist, Jimuel did not fly with Manny back to the Philippines and went on to train in Los Angeles, according to

Some may not know, but Jimuel has been pursuing a boxing career as well despite his parents’ disapproval.

“If they [my parents] were asked to choose between showbiz and boxing, of course, they would want me to pursue showbiz. They don’t want me to pursue boxing,” Jimuel revealed in March via quotes translated by International Business Times.

“They made sure, at the very beginning, that I really wanted to go in because [doing showbiz] is very taxing, especially schedule-wise, and all that,” he added. “We did have a serious talk about it.”

Manny, on the other hand, had already admitted in the past that he has been discouraging Jimuel to enter boxing and just “manage” the family business instead.

“We already advised him that boxing is so difficult, hard,” Manny Pacquiao told Yahoo Sports in June 2019. “You have to undergo hard work, training, discipline. We discouraged him. [I told him] ‘I think you have to go to school, manage the business that we have'.”

As things stand, Jimuel Pacquiao has been reportedly preparing for a fight against a Filipino YouTuber named “Boy Tapang.”