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Carmelo Anthony opens up on his one year with Thunder

Carmelo Anthony, Thunder

Carmelo Anthony’s one year with the Oklahoma City Thunder during the 2017-18 season didn’t go well. The future Hall of Famer averaged 16.2 points per game as the third option behind Russell Westbrook and Paul George and the Thunder lost to the Utah Jazz in the first round of the 2018 playoffs in six games.

After the 2018 season ended, the Thunder traded Anthony to the Atlanta Hawks, who then waived Melo, allowing him to ultimately join the Houston Rockets.

On J.J. Redick’s podcast “The Old Man & The Three,” Anthony opened up about his lone season with the Thunder, saying he actually enjoyed his time there despite how things ended.

“For me personally, I actually really enjoyed my time at OKC. Like, that team, I enjoyed it. Being around those guys, I enjoyed it. You know granted, we didn’t do what we were supposed to do. The goal was to win with that team. We didn’t do it. We underachieved,” Carmelo Anthony said about his time with the Thunder.

“And in our minds we’re just like yo listen man, we’re coming back next year, we’re gonna be good. This is new to everybody. Russ, this is your team, I’m coming off an All-Star year in New York, so I’m like let’s put this all together. It didn’t work out. It all came down to money. I already knew what I was up against…I wish OKC would’ve worked out.”

Anthony went on to say that the Thunder sort of kept him out of the loop of things during the summer of 2018 before they traded him. The 10-time All-Star talked about how Westbrook and George were hitting him up and asking him where he was while the team was all together, and Anthony said he was never informed about the team meeting up.

The Thunder had to trade Anthony, though, because he was set to make $25,534,253 and the franchise was already paying Westbrook and George max money.