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George Hill looks back on instigating bubble protest amid social unrest

A single individual is capable of way more than you could ever imagine. This has been the recurring theme of our society in recent times and it’s certainly the case for Oklahoma City Thunder’s George Hill.

Hill, who was still suiting up for the Milwaukee Bucks last season, was instrumental in a simple peaceful protest that caused a wave of positive change in the league. After the horrific shooting of Jacob Blake in the Bucks’ home state of Wisconsin last August, Hill decided to skip their upcoming game against the Orlando Magic. The entire team followed his lead and eventually made history by conducting a team-wide boycott, resulting in the cancellation of all three games scheduled that evening.

“I’m definitely proud of what I did,” George Hill told The Undefeated on Wednesday. “I really wasn’t trying to spark anything. I was just doing what I thought was genuinely right. I didn’t know what others may do or what others may think or the consequences that may come from it or the positives that may come from it. I didn’t think about that. I only thought about what I thought was right. What I believe in was what humanity should be and I went for it.”

The sudden halt in the games resulted in a few more peaceful protests by teams, players, and other sports personalities which eventually had the players zero in on voting. Given how the Presidential election turned out, people listened and they responded.

On Tuesday, we were greeted with the horrible news that the officer who shot Blake was cleared for any criminal charges. On Wednesday, a group of pro-Trump supporters barged into the US Capitol to unlawfully show their disdain for the results of the recent presidential elections.

“It ain’t crazy. It’s the norm,” Hill said, referring to both. “What did you expect? Did you expect anything different? I’m not at all surprised about all of this. I knew this was going to happen.”

As we all welcome the new year with a semblance of hope and a nation’s healing, Wednesday’s terrible actions remind us to stay vigilant and keep fighting for the change we all stand for.