The Oklahoma City Thunder are reportedly one of the three teams Carmelo Anthony is willing to waive his no-trade clause for to play with next season.

The Thunder are suddenly jumping into the Melo sweepstakes unexpectedly with most of the attention for the New York Knicks forward being focused on the Houston Rockets and Cleveland Cavaliers of late.

Anthony has been reported to be interested in the Rockets and Cavs for some time, most recently with his camp hoping for a trade to get done by Monday.

The Thunder made waves this summer trading for Paul George from the Indiana Pacers despite George's reported interest in becoming a member of the Los Angeles Lakers next summer when he becomes a free agent. George will join the reining MVP Russell Westbrook next season for a Thunder team that was eliminated by the Rockets in the first round of last year's playoffs.

Anthony is an interesting fit in OKC considering George. The two play the same position but in the modern NBA could play alongside each other with Anthony assuming the stretch four spot, a position he thrived in for Team USA in the Olympics over the last decade.

OKC would have to likely give up some valuable assets to have a shot at a trade with the Knicks for Melo. Maybe that would mean Steven Adams, the Thunder's newest $100 million man or Enes Kanter, who they signed to a big deal a few summers ago.

One thing that is for certain is Anthony wants out of New York and if a move to OKC can be made, that would make the Western Conference that much more interesting.