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Thunder’s Raymond Felton defends Carmelo Anthony’s reputation

Drafted in the illustrious 2003 NBA Draft, Carmelo Anthony was selected as a lottery pick by the Denver Nuggets. Anthony evolved into a versatile scorer that the NBA hasn’t seen too often. After being traded to the Knicks after a bitter fued, Anthony was expected to transform the Knicks into an Eastern Conference powerhouse even though the Knicks never made it past the second round of the playoffs. In fact, years later Anthony would have a falling out with team president Phil Jackson.

Jackson openly expressed that he did not want Anthony on the team. Anthony responded by asking for a trade to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Many people have attributed negative qualities to Anthony, caking him selfish and a horrible teammate. Raymond Felton, who played with Anthony on the Knicks, was adamant in Anthony’s personality. He dispelled all of the rumors that Anthony was a bad teammate, per Tim Keown of ESPN. 

“I’ve been on teams with bad guys,” says Thunder backup point guard Raymond Felton, who played with Anthony in New York. “Bad guys don’t interact with teammates. Bad guys don’t care about anybody else. He’s not that guy. The stuff that was being said about him in New York upset me. I’m glad he’s out of that situation.”

Anthony is now playing great basketball for the Thunder and will participate in the postseason this year. From what has been gathered, Anthony has been a laid-back member of the Thunder and has even came off the bench when asked to. Maybe Fulton has a point that Anthony shouldn’t be judged by his cover.