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Thunder’s Steven Adams on Russell Westbrook’s no-affection policy to opponents

Steven Adams, Russell Westbrook, Thunder

Russell Westbrook is one of the fiercest competitors in the NBA. He doesn’t socialize much during games, ignoring any form of acknowledgment from opponents like hugging, shaking hands, or high-fiving. His mentality is well-known, and it has made him one of the best players in the league. The Oklahoma City Thunder’s All-Star guard wants to instill this way of thinking to the rest of his teammates, mainly Steven Adams, who is more sociable on the court. He recently joked about the former MVP’s no affection rule, and he obeys it with a few exceptions.

Of course, this is something that isn’t personal for Russ. He just means business whenever he steps on the court, and he’s obsessed with winning. It may be one of the reasons why OKC is one of the top three teams in the Western Conference.

However, the triple-double machine’s attitude doesn’t seem to rub everyone the right way. Just ask Joel Embiid, who got in an altercation with the former MVP earlier this season; or Patrick Beverley, who has had a rivalry with Brodie in the past.

But in general, this works for the Thunder, and if it will help them succeed, especially during this year’s playoffs, then there’s no reason for Westbrook to change, and neither does Adams.

How the players want to approach games and opponents is entirely up to them. They should keep doing whatever works for them individually. After all, they play well on the court, so it should really not be a big deal if they want to socialize with opponents during games or not.