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Thunder’s Steven Adams on the NBA bubble: ‘This is not Syria’

Steven Adams, Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams had some clapback for those players eager to criticize the NBA bubble: “This is not Syria.”

The Thunder big man spoke to reporters Monday, noting there was no palpable reason to complain this early into the process:

“Let’s be clear: This is not Syria. It’s not that hard … We’re living at a bloody resort,” said Adams, according to Royce Young of ESPN. “Everyone is going to complain, everyone has their own preferences, nothing too serious. Just a bit of dry food here and there.”

Pictures of packaged food and the hotel rooms flooded social media upon the first few arrivals into the bubble earlier this month, as players criticized the “humble” accommodations upon their initial two-day quarantine period.

The optics weren’t great, as fans and others began to chide players for their high maintenance, though other players with a more thankful mindset began to wash over previous criticisms.

Adams, who was born one of 18 siblings in his native New Zealand, knows a thing or two about perspective, considering the league has built the best environment possible to get players paid while shielding them from a worldwide pandemic.

The Thunder big man turned 27 on Sunday, and while players like Damian Lillard have celebrated their birthdays in full blast, Adams has more conservative plans:

“Might just play a bit of chess. Have a feed. Go by the pool. Do a bit of study and that’s it,” said Adams. “Just another day.”

Once he has “had a feed,” fans sure won’t be seeing Adams blast the league for the food, but rather be appreciative that he’s able to finish out the 2019-20 season alongside his teammates.