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Thunder Stache Bros. Steven Adams, Enes Kanter have real friendship

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Layne Murdoch/Getty Images

One of the best bromances in the NBA is that of the Thunder’s Steven Adams and Enes Kanter.

The two became known as the Stache Bros. during the Thunder’s run through last year’s playoffs. The mustaches they both sport fed into that as well as their particularly strong play while on the floor together.

In the offseason, the two took to social media on a regular basis to show off their friendship. And that friendship is very much genuine.

Via Fred Katz of the Norman Transcript:

Don’t think this is for show, either. It’s not a brand. Adams and Kanter have assumed the Stache Brother persona. It’s natural. All the time. “They’re like two brothers. They’ve always got stuff up their sleeve,” Roberson said. “They’re always turning around and pranking each other.” Forward Jerami Grant has been with the Thunder for less than a month. He recognized their absurdity quickly. “They’re ridiculous,” he said. They’re inseparable, too. They love playing alongside each other in games. They work out together. They stick together at team events. The trash talk continues everywhere. “Even on the bus, we do it,” Kanter said.

In fact, the Thunder routinely travel on a coach bus with two seats on each side of the aisle. Players usually claim their own two-seated areas with an empty one next to them. These are NBA-sized men, after all. Everyone claims two seats. Well, all but two. Adams and Kanter, the two biggest guys on the team, plop themselves right next to each other, where there’s a good chance they’re still taking jabs. “He punches me. I punch him back. And then he pushes me sometimes. I push him back,” Kanter said. “I grab his jersey. He grabs my jersey. It’s so much fun. “We don’t shoot it to get better. We just shoot it to have fun.”

This is just great to hear.

Adams and Kanter have become one of the best, most entertaining follows on and off the court. It’s great to hear that it’s real, too.

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