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Video: Russell Westbrook scans crowd, gives shoes to young, unassuming Thunder fan

russell westbrook

Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook gave one fan a gift he’ll never forget following the team’s 114-112 win over Brooklyn on Wednesday night.

Westbrook racked up his 108th career triple-double in the game, which helped him pass Jason Kidd for third on the all-time list.

But in usual Russell Westbrook fashion, he once again chose to give away his game-worn shoes to a fan. As always, Westbrook was very specific about who he chose to give the sneakers to and that resulted in one kid getting an awesome gift.

It’s one of many times that Westbrook has been in a giving mood this season, as he continues to give fans more than they could have imagined while attending the games.

And when asked on a recent appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon about why he does it, here’s what Westbrook had to say:

“I think it’s important especially guys like myself that have a big platform to be able to enjoy the game but the kids get to come to the game and get an opportunity to meet guys like myself and I find out ways to interact with them—jersey, autograph, my shoes. I’ve been giving out my shoes every game to a fan or whoever it may be.

“Sometimes, I wait to see their reaction but a lot of times I give them the shoe and run back and then people come to me afterward, ‘You should have seen his or her reaction.’ It’s usually a shock reaction of the kid and it’s always good.”

That type of thinking should make Thunder fans even more excited about having Russell Westbrook on the roster.