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Video: Steven Adams jokes Alex Abrines brings nothing to Thunder lineup

Steven Adams

In recent years, the Oklahoma City Thunder have been known for their excellent team chemistry. When superstar Kevin Durant left the Thunder in 2016 to join the Golden State Warriors, there were low expectations for the Thunder. Somehow, Russell Westbrook and his team have made the postseason even in Durant’s departure.

To put it simply, the Thunder share an unbreakable bond that is evidenced by how they play on the court and by how they interact with each other in the media’s watchful view. On Sunday, Steven Adams joked that his teammate Alex Abrines brings nothing to the Thunder’s starting lineup.

Nothing. Nothing at all. So what does he bring to the starting lineup? He did a real good job. He’s just figuring out point guard dynamics. He just did his thing. It was really good. I enjoyed it when he went to point guard.

In the entire video, Adams playfully went at it with Abrines during the press conference. In previous years, Adams has made friends of many of his teammates, including Enes Kanter. Being a team centered around three All-Stars has made the Thunder a close-knit group of guys who all love to play with each other. In fact, besides Westbrook, George, and Anthony, the Thunder don’t have the strongest bench in the NBA. Yet, every player appears to like one another, which is a testament to the Thunder’s friendly culture.

On Tuesday, the Thunder will take on the Cavaliers in a colossal NBA showdown. No matter who wins the game, the Cavaliers will definitely have to take some lessons on how to build a solid team chemistry now that their team is starting to coalesce.