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Tiger Woods’ girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods is arguably the GOAT of golf. Other than holding tens of records on the PGA Tour, Tiger has also won 15 major championships during his legendary career, already earning an induction to the World Golf Hall of Fame. While Woods has rejuvenated his career over the last few years, he has had a supportive partner by his side. dominated the world of golf, he has had a supportive partner by his side. Let’s get to know Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Tiger Woods’ Girlfriend Erica Herman

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Erica Herman

Erica and Tiger met back when the former was working at Orlando’s Blue Martini as a bartender. The couple went public in 2017, together ever since. 

Erica was born in 1984 in Florida. She studied as Santaluces High School, where she was also a cheerleader. After graduating high school, Erica enrolled dually at Palm Beach State College and University of Central Florida. She majored in legal studies at UCF, ultimately earning her bachelor’s degree. 

While earning her degree, Erica worked at Blue Martini as a bartender. Later on, she would eventually be promoted to VIP manager. This is where she also met her current boyfriend, Tiger Woods, who was a customer at Blue Martini. 

After earning her degree, Erica went on to start a business with partners Ricky McIntosh and Jesse Newton, her ex-boyfriend. The business received an investment worth $200,000 from Tom Morris. The original plan of the investment was to put up five nightclubs in Orlando.

At first, the business opened the Lotus restaurant and Don’t Tell Anyone. Although the latter showed signs of potential, the investment failed and Morris’ money was nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, only Erica is held liable. Fast forward to today, Erica is still reimbursing Morris for the failed investment, paying him $296.60 per week under a garnishment order. 

Erica also had her own venture with Newton, called Aura Florida Lounge. Unfortunately, that business also went under. Moreover, Erica and Jesse were sued for failing to make payment on loans worth $450,000

While Erica’s business ventures weren’t successful, problems regarding money also haunted her personal life. In 2012, Erica was sued for being unable to make payments for her 2006 BMW that was priced at $13,000. In addition to this, Erica and then boyfriend Jesse were sued  by their landlord for failing to pay their $1,300 worth of rent in an apartment in Orlando. 

Years later, Erica worked in The Woods, which is one of the restaurants owned by Tiger Woods in Jupiter, Florida. Here, Erica worked as the director of operations of the restaurant and earned approximately $6,000 a month. 

According to Anthony Curra, who worked in The Woods in its early years, he claimed that the relationship between Tiger and Erica was strictly professional at first. However, as we all know, that began to change in 2017. 

Since they started dating, Erica has been supportive of Tiger. From tournaments to low moments behind the scenes, Tiger claims Erica has been with him every step of the way from the President’s Cup to Tiger’s first major tournament win in 10 years at the 2019 Masters. In fact, that the same year, Erica was also there to accompany Tiger and his family to the White House where her partner received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. 

While these were great moments, Erica and Tiger also faced obstacles together. In 2019, the couple faced a lawsuit after Nicholas Immesberger, who worked at The Woods as a bartender, met his demise. The parents claimed that the bartender was allegedly overserved at the bar which led to a gruesome crash. Eventually, Erica and Tiger would be dismissed from the wrongful-death lawsuit

While Tiger pieced together a solid comeback career, he also suffered an unfortunate car accident in February 2021. However, Tiger claimed that despite the excruciating recovery process, he had some things to be grateful for, including Erica.

Fast forward to today, Tiger Woods successfully returned to playing competitive golf, competing at the Masters with Erica supporting him in the stands. Although Tiger struggled and eventually withdrew from the tournament, he still had something to celebrate after being inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame back in March 2022.

Just like Erica, Tiger’s past wasn’t perfect. The golfer was responsible for various scandals that negatively affected his marriage and family that resulted in a divorce with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren in 2010. Nevertheless, Tiger’s children with Elin, Charlie and Sam, approve of his relationship with Erica. In fact, Elin gets along well with Erica and also approves of their relationship.

While Tiger has pieced together a successful comeback story in golf and in his personal life, Erica also deserves a lot of credit for being a great partner and solid supporter that has stayed by his side. Despite a half-decade-long relationship with one of the most famous athletes in the world, this is all the information we have on Erica Herman, Tiger Woods’ longtime girlfriend.