Outlaws of Thunder Junction brings us to the Wild West of Magic the Gathering planes. We see a lot of familiar faces in this new story, with the expansion showing us what happened to some of our favorite characters. Some end up becoming expensive OTJ cards, but did they make this list? We continue to explore new worlds through the Omenpath which has become the primary way to travel across planes after many Planeswalkers have lost their sparks.

In any case, we're sure that you're interested to see which cards are the most expensive cards from this set. The pre-release weekend saw the rise of some cards to the top, but since the release of the full set and of Commander Booster Packs, we get to add here in this list the Big Score and Breaking News cards into the mix. There are plenty of cards to talk about, but we collected the top ten cards here.

Top 10 Most Expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction MtG Cards (As of April 21, 2024)

As per usual in modern sets, the most expensive cards from Outlaws of Thunder Junction feature alternate artworks, and extended or borderless frames. On the other hand, Wizards' gambit to move its planned epilogue more adjacent to the main set pays off as most of the cards in this list come from the Big Score and Breaking News.

Last week during pre-release, players speculated heavily on a handful of OTJ cards, seeing them as impactful enough that they warrant a high price even in their normal versions. However, most of these cards immediately fell off when cards from the Collector's Booster Packs came out, and as more players get to try out the new cards in their decks to see if they worked as much as they expected.

Without further ado, here is our list of the top 10 most expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction MtG Cards.

(All Prices are based on TCG Player prices)

10. Lotus Ring (Extended) – $24.96

Lotus Ring (Extended), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

It's not too long ago when we had Rings of Power dominate the battlefield, and now we're getting a new toy in the form of Lotus Ring. It empowers its holder, giving it +3/+3 and vigilance, but it only produces mana if you sacrifice the creature that is equipped with it.

Lotus has become synonymous in Magic the Gathering with mana production, so this kind of design is a bit of a departure from what Lotus cards usually do. We are used to seeing Lotus cards producing mana immediately, but this one buffs creatures and sacrifices them before producing any sort of mana.

Nevertheless, its ability to create mana repeatedly is nothing to scoff at, although I imagine its high Equip cost will definitely make this seemingly light card a bit unwieldy.

9. Lost Jitte (Showcase) – $25.66

Lost Jitte (Showcase), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Remember Umezawa's Jitte? This is it, now. Feeling old yet?

Memes aside, this card is very reminiscent of the card it's referencing. It's still getting charge counters whenever the equipped creature deals combat damage, and the charge counter persists even if the equipped creature dies or it gets equipped to another creature. This Lost Jitte can untap lands, prevent creatures from blocking, or make its equipped creature bigger with a +1/+1 counter.

This card doesn't look like it's better than the Umezawa's Jitte, but it's cheaper and can be equipped at a cheaper cost as well. It no longer has the ability to double as a removal card, but being able to untap lands will prove useful in the right decks.

If history's going to teach us something, it's that Jitte cards look underwhelming at first but will prove to be a problem when played in the right decks. Will this Lost Jitte repeat history? Or will it get lost in the shuffle?

You'll soon see another equipment artifact in this list that will undoubtedly be more popular than this one, but I'm telling you, don't sleep on the Lost Jitte.

8. Sword of Wealth and Power – $27.18

Sword of Wealth and Power, Outlaws of Thunder Junction

The new card in the Sword of X and Y cycle takes up our number 8 spot in this Top 10 Most Expensive Cards of Outlaws of Thunder Junction list, and that's not at all surprising.

Not only does the card give creatures a buffed stat line, but it even gives them protection from instants and sorceries, making the creature equipping it invulnerable except for board wipes and combat damage. That's some powerful evasion if I've ever seen one.

On top of that, this card can potentially pay for itself with its Treasure creation and even copies instants and sorceries you cast. There's just so much power in Sword of Wealth and Power that if ever I see one on a table I'm playing in, I'll immediately have that card targeted with a removal spell.

7. Tinybones, the Pickpocket (Showcase) – $28.81

Tinybones, the Pickpocket (Showcase), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

People are already saying that Tinybones is the new Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer but in black, so let's break this card down a bit. At one black mana for a 1/1 with Deathtouch, nothing stands out for this card from its stat line. It doesn't have haste, so it's not going to connect as often as Ragavan, although you're not really casting Tinybones early on in the game, no.

Instead, Tinybones will be coming in late into the game when the opponent's graveyard is starting to fill up. Tinybones can then have its controller cast any nonland permanent card from their graveyard. However, I'm still not sold on this card's longevity, as you still need to pay mana to cast the spell from your opponent's graveyard. Sure, the Deathtouch will make opponents think twice about blocking, but this card will still get blocked more often than not.

6. Simulacrum Synthesizer – $29.24

Simulacrum Synthesizer, Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Remember when Karn, Urza's Scion was one of the most powerful Planeswalkers around? Well, Simulacrum Synthesizer can do what Karn used to do for cheaper mana cost and with less setup. The scry 2 that you get as this card enters the battlefield will let help you get the setup up and going, and any Construct created with this card immediately starts with 2/2 with the Construct and this artifact in play.

The biggest strength of this card, though, is how it's not a Legendary. That means you can run four of these and immediately flood the board with Constructs. This card can trigger another Simulacrum Synthesizer that is already in play, and if it's not taken care of immediately, Simulacrum Synthesizer will snowball fast.

5. Mana Drain (Breaking News) – $33.64

Mana Drain (Breaking News), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

When we found out in the preview season that Mana Drain would be in this expansion, we already knew that it would find its way in our list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction Cards. Although now it's only showing up in the Breaking News extra sheet, that still counts in our book. After all, when was the last time a new printing of Mana Drain didn't, well, drain your wallet?

Of course, for many Magic fans, there's no explanation needed for this card. It's a 2 mana cost counter spell that refunds you the mana of the opponent's spell in your next main phase. It's as powerful as a counterspell could get.

4. Vaultborn Tyrant (Showcase) – $39.06

Vaultborn Tyrant (Showcase), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

Another card for stompy decks, Vaultborn Tyrant is a vicious 6/6 card that comes with trample. It's also reminiscent of Hydroid Krasis as this card gives the caster a free card draw and 3 life as this creature enters the battlefield. On top of that, this creature even comes with removal evasion, as simply killing this creature will create a token of itself (and then gives the owner another free card draw and 3 life), so you'll have to exile this to really get rid of it.

It does come at a high cost of 7 mana, though. But when did green ever have any shortage in mana?

3. Sword of Wealth and Power (Extended) – $41.86

Sword of Wealth and Power (Extended), Outlaws of Thunder Junction


Sword of Wealth and Power makes its second (but spoilers: also not last) appearance in this list. Its extended version looks extra daunting thanks to the larger space the card's art occupies, but despite the difference in price, this card isn't stronger than the one found earlier in the list. Looks flashier, though, and imagine beating down your opponent with bling like this.

2. Simulacrum Synthesizer (Showcase) – $48.25

Simulacrum Synthesizer (Showcase), Outlaws of Thunder Junction

We already saw this card earlier in this list (and the one after this is also another card we've already seen earlier in this list), so there's no more additional information needed. There's just one thing for sure: artifact removal should become a staple in your decks as long as this card is around.

Be sure to add artifact removals in your sideboards in your Standard decks moving forward, not only for this card but also for the card that follows in this list.

1. Sword of Wealth and Power (Showcase) – $73.63

Sword of Wealth and Power (Showcase), Outlaws of Thunder Junction Big Score

It's no surprise to see a new card from the Sword of X and Y cycle make it to the top of this list. It's the biggest score that the ragtag group of outlaws Oko built found in their final heist in the story and by far the most powerful. Is it the best card in the set, though? We'll see in the next couple of weeks, as we'll also see how the card's value will fluctuate based on its usage in competitive matches.

And those are the ten most expensive Outlaws of Thunder Junction Magic the Gathering cards in the secondary market on launch weekend. Which of these cards did you expect to see here, and which ones surprised you? Regardless of your answer, we hope that you enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering with your friends and that the cards you open from your packs find a home in your decks.