Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG has finally launched, and part of its exploration mechanics are the Scenic Points. These are specific spots in each region that showcase the landmarks in that region, and rewards you handsomely for the meager task of simply going to the spot and clicking a button. Each will reward you 20 Dark Crystals and 20 Navia Exploration Points, for a total of 120 of each.

It's also a nice way to appreciate the region and its unique landscape. Navia is home to many bodies of water, as well as the fascinating Cetus Island.

If you're playing on a PC, the unlimited wall climbing exploit will certainly come in handy, but is not necessary. This guide also assumes you've unlocked all Spacerifts and the Omnium Tower in the region.

Tower of Fantasy Navia Scenic Points

Here are all of the Scenic Point locations in Navia.

Cetus Island Scenic Point

“An artificial island floating above the Navia region. Though initially redesigned as a mechanical island, the owner decided to remodel it into a paradise for children.”


You can get here by teleporting from the South Seventh Day Forest Spacerift, and heading north until you hit the waterfall, then climbing up. If you're going this path, it might be wise to pass the Seventh Day Forest Scenic Point on the way (see below). You can also get here from the Navia Omnium Tower and heading south, then climbing once the waterfall stops the path.

Here is the view of the Navia Omnium Tower from the Scenic Point:


Raincaller Island Scenic Point

“An island near Navia. However, its remoteness and water depth have made it a natural deep-water port.”


The Raincaller Island Scenic Point is reachable by using the North Seventh Day Forest Spacerift and heading west while climbing up any walls. The Scenic Point can be found in one of the highest cliffsides. Here's a view of the Seventh Day Forest to help you triangulate its location.


Seventh Day Forest Scenic Point

“A forest with dreamlike scenery. It always has autumn colors and is always in fall. The weather here changes in a seven-day cycle, thus the name.”


Getting here is quite simple, as the structure the Scenic Point itself sits on is easy to spot. Simply teleport to the South Seventh Day Forest Spacerift and head north. Scale any walls that stand in your way. The Scenic Point can be located on a jar-shaped structure that seems to act like a water tower. Climb on top of this structure using your jetpack and take in the beautiful landscape:


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The Selga Scenic Point

“The Selga is the mother river of the Navia region, which used to be an inland underground river streaming from the mountain. The Selga flows from the rocks on the mountain, goes through the Seventh Day Forest, and eventually enters the sea.”


The last and easiest to go to is the Selga Scenic Point. Teleport to the North Seventh Day Forest Spacerift and head northwest. The Scenic Point should be easily visible from the moment you load in the Spacerift. You might find yourself in a little kerfuffle with some enemies, so make short work of them and claim your Scenic Point.

To give you an idea how truly close it is, check out this image:


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