A new pixel art action-adventure game known as Turbo Kid recently launched on PC via Steam. Developed by Outerminds, the game features a side-scrolling adventure with the main protagonists playing the role of a daredevil.

Explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland while riding a modified BMX equipped with unique weapons to help you fight.  Turbo Kid the game is based on the 2015 superhero movie of the same name. The film followed the gory adventure of The Kid who took on the ruthless warlord to save the girl of his dreams.

The game adaptation’s story will have players take on a new adventure. They’ll also play as The Kid but will instead go on a quest to restore hope in the wasteland.

While strolling on their BMX, players will find themselves in multiple combat scenarios. As players go on a quest to stop the evil Preacher, his army of acolytes will do everything in their power to stop them. Not only that but players will also need to do battle against some of the wasteland’s mutated beings.

Prepare for intense battles matched with complex platforming stages. As players progress in Turbo Kid, they’ll need to upgrade their weapons to keep up with the dangers of the wasteland. Players will find multiple power-ups along the way to help them overcome menacing foes.

Turbo Kid is available on Steam for its introductory price of $10 that’ll last until April 17. After that, the game will sell for its original price worth $12. Outerminds also announced that a Nintendo Switch port is in the works and will launch soon.

Turbo Kid: Gameplay, Features, and More

Turbo Kid is an exciting entry to the side-scroller and pixel art genre. Despite its simplistic old-school looks, the game is action-packed matched with colorful and immersive graphics. The best part of it all is that players have lots of features to toy around with.

Players can pedal their way around the wasteland to their heart’s content. While the goal is to defeat the evil Preacher, players aren’t bound to linear gameplay. Players have the freedom to take on the challenges that await them in any order. With that said, every decision you make will change the outcome of the game.

Aside from the gory adventure, players can take on side quests such as collecting cassette tapes and comic book pages. Doing so will unlock additional features in Turbo Kid such as the cassette player and taking on new quests in a different art style.

Once players have collected at least one cassette tape, they can then use the cassette player to listen to the head-bopping music in the background. Then when players collect all the pages in-game, they’ll gain access to a brand-new story drawn by Jeik Dion.

Outerminds also made Turbo Kid a speedrunner-friendly game. Given the game’s fast-paced thrilling nature, speedrunners will likely find it difficult to resist the temptation of beating the game as quickly as possible. However, it’ll be best for them to familiarize themselves with the game first considering there are five worlds to take on.

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