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Utah Jazz players pick their own introduction songs

When the starting lineup of home teams are announced by the stadium announcer, it’s usually done with dim lights, some fireworks and a song to hype them up and start the game strong.

For the Utah Jazz, they are opting to come up with their own style and play a different song for each of their starters. Dante Exum, Rodney Hood, Gordon Hayward, Boris Diaw and Rudy Gobert got to pick their own which recently surfaced and surprised many with their choices

After seeing the list, it will not be hard to notice Diaw’s as it’s the only one from a different genre. Instead of the usual R&B and hip-hop beats, he chose a song from an Opera for his introduction.

It will be interesting to see Utah’s players during their intros when they play their next home game on Friday against the Dallas Mavericks. It will be the first of its kind in the NBA to have individual walk-up songs for each starter and it will be something to look forward to especially on how the team will pull it off.

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