It looks as though yesterday's leak of the new Utah Jazz logo is 100% legit, and now comes the big reveal…the uniforms, and the new hardwood floor design.

The Jazz have tweeted their new look out to the public. There are a total of four new uniforms in typical Jazz colors, but altered to fit the modern NBA just enough to be new but still familiar enough to honor the tradition of the Jazz tradition.

Released were a white home uniform, a navy blue road uniform, a alternate green uniform, and a new sleeved navy blue pride uniform, complete with 3 stripes across the chest and right leg. They are made in tribute to the '80s Jazz era under Frank Layden, when the team's warm-ups had a similar look.

Sleeved jerseys are not widely accepted among NBA fan bases, but this could be a hit with Jazz fans.

If you're up for a new fresh look, the Jazz have you covered.