VALORANT Patch 6.11 is already online for PBE and there are some notable changes for Chamber, weapon adjustments, and more. Here's everything you need to know about the Patch 6.11 update. 

The Valorant Patch 6.11 will arrive on June 6, 2023 for the main game but is already live for Public Beta Environment for players to immediately test the difference and get used to the changes early. The patch focuses on Chamber buffs, after his massive nerf in patch 6.09 as well as a Viper nerf on using her utility. There are also big changes to weapon adjustments, especially on the sub-weapon shotgun Shorty being more expensive and lesser ammo to carry. Hopefully Chamber will come back to the roster of frequently used agents after the adjustment.

There is also a big change when it comes to firing your gun while moving fast to reduce accuracy of Run & Gun. This would punish players just pressing W and winning duels randomly so that more players who spent a lot of time in the range practicing their aim would be happier to have not wasted their practice. 

Valorant 6.11 PBE Patch Notes

Below are the full Valorant 6.11 patch notes from the May 26 PBE release. Here's everything you need to know about the current changes of the patch before rolling it out to the main game.



  • Fuel Regeneration
    • Reduced regeneration per second 5% >>> 3.3%
    • Increased time to regenerate to max fuel once empty 20s >>> 30s


  • Trademark (C)
    • Disable range 4000 >>> 5000
    • Trap arm speed 45 >>> 25
  • Rendezvous (E)
    • Instant equip out of teleport.
  • Tour De Force (X)
    • Firing rate increased by 15%


  • Yoru’s Fakeout (C) can now be visually affected by Concussing abilities.
  • To increase player discernibility, the timing of Omen’s From the Shadows (X) voiceover line has been slightly pushed forward.


  • We’ve updated the ability action icons to be more consistent across all Agents and abilities that have a common cast paradigm or output. We’ve also added new ones to where it was necessary. These icons appear above your equipped ability.


  • Pearl is disabled.


  • Combat report now shows “Allies Dazed” in addition to “Enemies Dazed” for all Concuss abilities.


  • Weapon Accuracy on Ascenders/Ziplines (Ropes)
    • Min spread on ropes increased to 65% of the walking spread.
      • Rifles from .8 >>> 1.3
      • Classic from .35 >>> .55
      • Frenzy from .35 >>> .52
      • Ghost from .35 >>> .6
      • Sheriff from .35 >>> .78
      • SMGs from .3 >>> .65
      • Snipers & Shotguns unchanged.
  • Walking and running spread on ropes increased to match the walking and running spread on ground.


  • Reserve ammo adjusted from 10 >>> 6
  • Price adjusted from 150$ >>> 300$
  • Damage at no fall-off adjusted from 12 >>> 11
  • Damage at first step fall-off (7 meters) adjusted from 8 >>> 6


  • Min spread increased from .45 >>> .65
  • Spread curve adjusted.
    • Maximum spread reached in 5 bullets instead of 6.
  • Recoil pitch curve adjusted.
    • Maximum recoil will be reached in 5 bullets instead of 6. Total recoil is lowered to compensate.

Error Power

  • Error Power (also known as Center Biasing for us) is a tool we utilize to reward accuracy by biasing shots toward the center of the crosshair.
  • We’ve made the adjustment to significantly reduce center biasing while in any movement states besides walking or stationary. As a result, guns will be less accurate when fired while moving as shots will have a higher chance to be further from the center of the crosshair.


  • Sova’s cape dynamics were redone and smoothed out, while still maintaining a silhouette close to his body to not give away enemy player position.
  • Prerequisites to be noted before reporting a bug
    • A bug will ideally be accompanied with a screenshot or a video. This provides credibility to your report.
    • Steps to recreate the bugs should be submitted if possible. This helps Rioters recreate the bug and helps them find the cause behind it.
  • Format when reporting a bug: When reporting a bug, please provide as much information as you can about your computer.
    • Type of Bug: Client Bug, In Game Bug, etc.
    • Description: Describe what was the bug that occurred.
    • Video / Screenshot: Insert screenshot (F12 in game) or Video of the bug occurring
    • Steps to reproduce: Provide the steps necessary if someone else had to reproduce the bug.
    • Expected result: What should have been the result when you follow the steps mentioned above.
    • Observed result: What was the result you obtained when you followed the steps mentioned above?
    • Reproduction rate: If you try to recreate the bug how successful are you in causing it to occur? (1/10 : Occurs once every 10 tries, 5/10 : Occurs 5 times out of 10, 10/10 : Happens every single time)
    • System specs: Processor, Video card, Ram, HDD/SSD, everything you can provide, even drivers.

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