We're pretty sure that the latest Valorant 8.09 patch notes are one of the smallest patch notes we have ever seen. These patch notes just includes a minimal buff on Brimstone and some bug fixes.

Valorant 8.09 Patch Notes – May 15, 2024

Released last May 15, 2024,t his recent update comes with an agent update and a handful of bug fixes to ensure an improvement in the game's performance and stability. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the 8.09 Patch for Valorant.

Agent Update

As per the official update released by Valorant, the only agent affected by the recent patch notes would be Brimstone. The radius of his sky smokes (E) has increased from 410-415. Additionally, the update ensures that the smoke now fully covers the area shown by the targeting UI. This means if the outer edge of the targeting circle covers a choke point, the deployed smoke will cover that entire area as indicated.

We could say that these updates would be greatly appreciated by Brimstone players. The changes to Sky Smoke should ensure there are fewer small gaps when placing smokes across choke points. However, we can all agree that it wouldn't hurt if an update as small as this one could have been added on the next big patch.

Gameplay Systems

In addition to the Brimstone buff, patch notes 8.09 also fixed the issue where players would lose their saved crosshair profiles. However, players would not be able to retrieve their lost crosshair profiles anymore. In short, if players liked those crosshair settings, they would have to make and save it all over again.

The bug where the Killed By feed shows incorrect data has also been fixed. This fix is greatly appreciated as this bug can result in confusion for players. This bug might be a small issue but for sure this has a big impact on every gamer's experience.

Moreover, the bug where the bullet traces were being shown even after turning them off has also been fixed. The game freezing problem, which required players to restart the game after completing a match, has also been addressed. This fix should provide a smoother and more seamless transition between matches, eliminating the need for players to restart the game.

Furthermore, fans can expect that the Valorant team will release something big in the next coming weeks. As they have stated on their official page, they are preparing for “bigger things in the near future”. As of the moment, we still have no information as to what these “bigger things” would be. With the big addition of a new agent, Clove, in the previous act, it is likely that more substantial contents will be coming soon.

Overall, we are grateful for the release of patch 8.09, even though it only includes some minor changes. Hopefully, we will get more details regarding the next patch which is due in a couple of weeks.

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