Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant is finally coming to consoles. This was confirmed after it was seen that Riot Games put up job listings on the gaming jobs platform Hitmarker. In the description of these job listings, it can be seen that they are looking for a Game Design Manager and Senior Game Designer specifically for the game console platform. These were posted on November 17 and November 23 respectively. Furthermore, the description specifically mentioned that people hired for the position will be working on Valorant and its importation to the console platform.

It should come as no surprise to people that Valorant is coming to the console platform as Riot Games have been hinting at it for months. Riot Games has constantly made statements about their vision of expanding the game to a wider audience.

Among the titles under Riot Games, Valorant could easily make its way to consoles considering that Valorant is not the first tactical shooter on the platform. Before Valorant, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow: Six Siege were ported over to a console platform. However, should this push through, this will be the first game from Riot Games to be published on the console platform.

Another reason why Riot Games sought to enter the gaming console platform with Valorant is because it would be easier to port it to the console platform compared to their other games. This is because Valorant does not require that much button input as compared to their games from other genres. However, should this come to fruition, this may also open up the gates for Riot Games to try and bring their other games to the gaming console platform.

Riot Games has consistently made games exclusively for PC and mobile. With Valorant coming to console, this will be Riot Games’ first foray into the console market.