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Video: Lakers’ LeBron James throws the ball hard at Kelly Olynyk while saving possession

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James decided that the only way to retain possession was by throwing the ball as hard as possible off of Miami Heat center Kelly Olynyk.

LeBron was once again a force for the Lakers in coming just one rebound short of a triple-double by posting 28 points, 12 assists, and nine rebounds in a 108-05 victory.

But speaking of force, that’s exactly what he used while saving a ball from going out of bounds.

LeBron found himself needing to find a way to give Los Angeles the ball back, so he chose to use the ‘throw the ball off your opponent’ method on Olynyk.

And well, it worked.

There was some good news and bad news for the 7-footer on this play.

The bad news is that the Lakers did indeed get the possession back due to LeBron’s heroics. The good news is that the pain from this throw could have been significantly worse had the ball been thrown a few inches lower.

No explanation needed on that one.

But LeBron wasn’t the only player that contributed to the Lakers’ success, with Kyle Kuzma producing a great game with 33 points on 14-of-22 shooting from the field.

The win helped Los Angeles keep its momentum going, as Luke Walton’s team has now won six of its last seven games.

And if LeBron keeps going after delicate body parts of opponents by throwing lasers at them with a basketball, it should help the Lakers win a lot more games as the season progresses.