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Video: Lakers PG Lonzo Ball casually broke up with Denise Garcia, and she threatens revenge

Lonzo Ball

Lonzo Ball recently broke up with his ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia and now she is threatening revenge in the form of a tell-all book. Ball and Garcia have a child together and there seems to be some tension between the two following their breakup.

The Ball family are the closest thing the NBA has to the Kardashian family. Well, the Kardashian family are intertwined with the NBA in their own ways so that comparison isn’t perfect, but you get the gist of it. The Balls are always in the news one way or another. The rift¬†between Lonzo and Garcia isn’t a great look for the eldest Ball brother, but then again, publicity is publicity.

Lonzo cites his desire to focus on basketball as a reason for the breakup. Ball wants to focus on proving himself in the NBA and developing into the superstar that many expected the second overall pick to become.

Ball’s box score stats are down significantly this season, but that’s due in large part to his minutes reduction. The Lakers brought in a host of veterans to fill in the gaps around LeBron James and that means Lonzo’s minutes have suffered.

Veteran point guard Rajon Rondo is currently sidelined after surgery on his hand, but Ball has struggled to step up in Rondo’s absence. Progression is not a linear path. There are bound to be some ups and downs for the 21-year-old.